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Our half-day clinical observation course is designed to refresh the knowledge of participants on the core vital signs which should be monitored on patients under their care.

It also focuses on the need to effectively and efficiently obtain vital signs and monitor patients.

This course is ideal for healthcare providers working in both hospital and pre-hospital setting, such as nurses, healthcare assistants, PHECC practitioners and first aid responders.

On completion of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Take and record patient vital signs in a timely manner

Work as part of a team of healthcare providers

  1. Module 1: The importance of taking accurate vital signs. On completion of Module 1, the student understands the importance of taking the following vital signs: 1) body temperature, 2) pulse, 3) respiration, and 4) blood pressure.

    Module 2: Assessing vital signs. On completion of Module 2, the student is able to assess the aforementioned vital signs in a patient.

    Module 3: Recording Vital Signs. On completion of Module 3, the student is able to record the vital signs in the correct way for all other healthcare professionals involved in the patient.

The course is highly interactive with each theory session being followed by a demonstration, practical tasks and assessment of individual skills

Continuous assessment throughout the course. Students receive a PSTC Certificate on completion. The certificate is valid for 2 years.

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