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Working at Heights Instructor

Venue: Glen Royal Hotel, Maynooth

Times: 8:30 am Start

Lunch and refreshments included

2nd July
14th August


This 1 day Working at Heights Instructor Course and Harness / Lanyard Inspection Course will provide participants with the necessary qualifications to inspect and certify Personnel Harness & Lanyard Systems to a GA1 Standard (Report of Thorough Examination) and the skills, knowledge and resources to successfully instruct people in safe Working At Heights practices.

Who Should Attend this working at heights instructor course

This training at those wanting to deliver Working at heights training as a Working at heights instructor

Course Objectives

Candidates will learn the necessary skills and knowledge to instruct people in Safe Working at Height practices and to qualify them to inspect and certify Personnel Harness & Lanyard Systems to a GA1 Standard (Report of Thorough Examination)

Course Programme

  • Legislation in relation to Health & Safety, Working at Heights and Lifting Equipment Inspection and Certification
  • Working at Height Definition
  • Ladder Safety Awareness
  • Working Safely on Roofs
  • Working at Height from MEWPS
  • Mobile Access Towers Safety Awareness
  • Scaffolding Safety Awareness
  • Excavations in relation to Working at Height
  • Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint Systems
  • Risk Assessments for Working at Height
  • Suspension Trauma and Rescue Plans
  • Inspection, Auditing and Certification of Harness / Lanyard Systems to GA1 Standard.

Methods of training

The course is highly interactive with each theory session being followed by a demonstration, practical tasks and assessment of individual skills.

Assessment & Certification

Successful Candidates will receive PSTC Certified Working at Height Instructors and Harness / Lanyard Inspectors Card and PSTC Certificate of Successful Completion.

Candidate Requirements:

A good understanding of both oral and written English. We highly recommend Candidates have or complete a QQI Level 6 Training Qualification, especially if they intend delivering instruction or training on a commercial basis.

Duration & Cost

1-day course Cost is €400

Resource Material:

Candidates who successfully complete all practical and theory assessments will be provided with all material required to deliver Working at Heights Instruction and perform Harness / Lanyard Inspections to a GAI Standard. The material will include PowerPoint, Course Notes, Health & Safety Legislation in relation to Working at Heights and WAH Equipment Certification, Trainee Assessment Sheets, Inspection Sheets and more.


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