Infection Prevention and Control

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Naas - 30th Oct
Naas - 16th Nov
Naas - 13th Dec


Our half-day Infection Prevention and Control course is designed to give anyone who is at risk from infection the necessary skills to protect themselves in line with national standards.

It is ideal for nurses, healthcare assistants, social care workers, and everybody who is involved in the healthcare sector.

Who Should Attend this course

This training is aimed at nurses, healthcare assistants and any person who wants to learn how to learn infection prevention & control

Course Objectives

To give participants the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to deal with the risk from infection and the essential skills to protect themselves in line with national standards

Course Programme

  • Overview of infection control.
  • World Health Organisation ‘Cleaner Care is Safer Care’ pact.
  • Infection prevention and control.
  • Hand hygiene, including a practical session for each participant.
  • Waste management and decontamination issues.
  • Personal protection, including the types of protective equipment available to use.
  • Needle-stick injuries or any occupational health injury/accident.

Methods of training

The course is highly interactive with each theory session being followed by a demonstration, practical tasks and assessment of individual skills.

Assessment & Certification

Continuous assessment throughout the course. Students receive a PSTC Certificate on completion. The certificate is valid for 2 years.

Duration & Cost

half day course and cost is €50


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