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Forklift course

5-day novice counterbalance, Reach  & power pallet training 500.00
3-day novice training 350.00
2-day Refresher training 300.00


Our Forklift course is designed to provide the participant with the knowledge to operate a forklift truck safely. Many accidents are caused by untrained drivers operating trucks in ignorance of the special conditions that apply to forklifts. Courses ran in our forklift training centre Blanchardstown

Who should Attend this course

This training is aimed at who wants to be trained & certified in the safe use of a forklift

Course Objectives

On completion of the course, participants will be able to demonstrate safe Forklift operating skills and avoid danger to people and property.

Course Programme

  • Operate a forklift truck safely, reducing the risk of injury to operators and pedestrian
  • Use safe operating habits
  • Explain the consequences of taking certain kinds of chances
  • Load and unload safely
  • Refuel/recharge forklift trucks safely
  • Handle awkward loads

Methods of training

The course is highly interactive with each theory session being followed by a demonstration, practical tasks and assessment of individual skills.

Assessment & Certification

Continuous assessment & MCQ Exam. Students receive an approved certificate & card on completion. The certificate is valid for 3 years.

Duration & Cost

  • 5-day novice counterbalance, Reach  & power pallet training – €500 per person
  • 3-day novice training –  €350 per person
  • 2-day Refresher training – €300 per person

forklift course ran in our forklift centre Blanchardstown


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